About Me

Hi there!

I’m Derek, I 36 years old and currently have the lovely luck of living on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia. Unfortunately, I had a little accident 7 years ago where I, well, to put it mildly, kissed a tree….. while on my motorbike and lead to me having some very serious knee, hip and femur injuries.

And this is my little bloggy woggy! It is all about, as the title and URL suggests, increasing testosterone naturally.

Some of you might be wishing to increase your testosterone levels in order to obtain extra gains in the gym, others, well for other purposes such as maintaining that vitality and virility to fat loss and, well, increasing sex drive (men and women) and maintain and get stronger erections.

Others may want to simply maintain that edge, that spark, that va-va-voom for life or rediscover it as we get older.

I, personally fall into a few of those categories, perhaps you will find yourself in a few too. So why not go the healthy way and get the Testosterone boost by working with nature and doing it naturally and with no animal or synthetic hormones or steroids of any kind!

Testosterone is a very important hormone for the overall health of both men and women. Without it we experience more stress, a lack of energy and vitality, reduced sex drive, increased “puffiness and flab”, men experience reduced quality of erections, and in general, we are very unmotivated to succeed and press forward with goals and achieve them. It is called the success hormone for a reason!

With this little blog, I aim to bring people natural solutions and ways to increase their testosterone levels, from meditation and qi gong to specific workouts and nutrition plans and of course supplements and provide a natural way to take the supplements and enhance their effects helping you to get the best bang for your buck.

There will be the odd, peculiar alternative methods mentioned.

I hope you enjoy this site – I am making it for you. Your feedback is appreciated.

To your health, wealth and higher T-levels!