Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, especially that stubborn belly fat and getting those great looking abs and cuts most of us may find it difficult and indeed more difficult as we get older and start heading towards the other side of the 35 years old barrier.

When it comes down to it Testosterone does indeed help us to keep trim and lean looking, but it can’t do it on its’ own. It needs help with good diet and exercise program, and perhaps for those that particularly struggle, be it for genetics, age, or some medical reasons supplementation may be what is required to get in shape, shift the fat and look as weel as feel much better as result.

Losing fat, especially excess body fat  is important because it actually stores and releases estrogen which can then bind itself to free testosterone and effectively render it inert and thus effectively lower your testosterone levels.

The fat loss programs out there I have tried most of them and know which ones work long term and which ones don’t, which are easy to stick to and what are not so easy.

Having gone through a period of my life when I had to fight to walk again and get out of that darn wheelchair, and eventually crutches, naturally, speaking I developed more of a lard ass and pork belly than your average person due to obvious inactivity. Being inactive and unable to perform any specific type of exercise I was limited to diets, and though..what the heck! let’s give it a go!

Of course, I ended up spending a lot of money on fad diets that are really ineffective, and some shiny well marketed and polished ones that don’t and eventually found a few that do work – hey, sometimes you gotta trail through the sh*t to get to the roses!

Talking of which, trial and error brought me some useful information on which fat loss supplements will give you the jitter or the sh*tters! (as well as the effective ones).

Here at HowToIncreaseYourTestosterone.com I am all about bringing forward proper real life solutions that do work and the creation of a reciprocal community, so if you know of a diet program or supplement and would like to know what I think of it or review it simply get in contact with me via Contact page or leave a comment.

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