Fruits That Increase Testosterone – It’s Time You Got Fruity!

Fruits That Increase Testosterone – It’s Time You Got Fruity!

In this article, I continue with the rather important series on using nutrition to increase your testosterone and talk about fruit that increase testosterone.

Getting more fruit, or more of the right fruits in your daily diet helps in a number of ways to increase your T-levels and not only by means of getting the right nutrients. They help to lower your blood pressure, and if you are overweight that can also help you to lose weight and lower your cholesterol – particularly if you are not already eating a healthy diet. Those are the indirect effects of eating fruits that increase testosterone, high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol can all cause low testosterone.

Fruits That Increase Testosterone – Avocados

Some of you might consider this as a girlie fruit and they have had a lot of negative press from the low-fat fools. It has been proven that increasing saturated fat is directly linked to enhanced testosterone levels. More than 75% of an avocado’s calories are from saturated fats, the good kind, the kind that is associated with increasing testosterone levels.

Rather interestingly, Avocados have elevated levels of both monounsaturated and saturated fats and low amounts of testosterone destroying polyunsaturated fats.

Fruits That Increase Testosterone


Fruits That Increase Testosterone – Pomegranates

When it comes down to fruits that increase testosterone very few are as effective as pomegranates. Studies conducted by researchers by a university in Scotland found that this fruit helped on average to boost testosterone by a whopping 24%! Now that is a significant increase!

Better still the fruit had an interesting effect on blood pressure and mood!

Fruits That Increase Testosterone

All the reasons to get more of this fruit that increase testosterone!

All the more reason to have a pomegranate a day, or indeed to make your own delicious and refreshing pomegranate juice!

Fruits That Increase Testosterone

Tuck into a delicious pomegranate and augment your T levels naturally!

Fruits That Increase Testosterone – Bananas!

Monkey see, monkey do! Bananas have elevated levels of the complex group of B vitamins, and those vitamins as required for enhancing the production of both energy and testosterone. Also a great source of blood pressure lowering potassium.

So, go bananas to increase your testosterone and lower your blood pressure.

Fruits That Increase Testosterone

Bananas can help you to increase your testosterone naturally – and lower your blood pressure too!

Red grapes

Delicious and not just a gift for your sick friend at hospital! grapes are high in resveratrol, a compound known to enhance testosterone and have anti-estrogen effects.

Most definitely worth your while in adding red grapes to your diet thanks to the 2 for 1 effect at increasing your testosterone and lowering of your estrogen.

And…a bottle of red does not count! Alcohol has testosterone lowering effects!

Fruits That Increase Testosterone

Delicious and nutritious, grapes help to improve your T levels.


Now I bet you have not heard of this tropical wonder fruit! Mangosteen, known in tropical areas of Asia as the Queen of fruits is rather high in compounds that are known to reduce estrogen levels in your body and is by far better and more effective than the pharmaceutical drug Letrozole. Reducing estrogen allows for greater amounts of free testosterone to flow in your body.

Fruits That Increase Testosterone

Mangosteen. it’s that white bit that you eat. Rather delicious!

Herbs That Increase Testosterone

It is more than simply fruit that increase testosterone, herbs can increase and enhance your testosterone levels efficiently and rather effectively. My Top three herbs for increasing testosterone all work in different ways and, if you like you can try them together as they compliment each other rather well.

My Top three recommended herbs for enhancing your testosterone levels each work in very different and distinctive ways and if you wish you can try taking them together for maximum effect as they compliment each other very well or you can try them on their own.

Those three herbs are, and in no particular order, Tongkat AliHorny Goat Weed and Pine Pollen TinctureHorny goat weed is very effective at increasing your testosterone efficiency as it uses and makes much better use of your existing bound testosterone that you already have in your body. It also mimics testosterone in your gonads allowing you to experience all the benefits associated with increased testosterone without actually increasing your testosterone!.

Tongkat Ali, a Malaysian herb that works with your body by stimulating it to produce more testosterone. It, Tongkat Ali, also helps you to keep that increase in testosterone by blocking and preventing it from converting and aromatizing into estrogen. It can also help with fat loss and weight loss due to its lipogenic abilities.

Pine Pollen Tincture is very much a potent natural testosterone replacement therapy due to it containing actual testosterone, DHEA, and 2 more androgens to help you directly to increase your testosterone levels.

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If you have any questions about fruits that increase testosterone leave a comment below and I will reply back as quickly as I can.

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