How To Take Pine Pollen Powder – And Get More Bang For Your Buck!

How To Take Pine Pollen Powder – And Get More Bang For Your Buck!

In this article, I talk about how to take pine pollen powder to get maximum effect from this peculiar and unusual herb so that you can get the best results from your use and more “bang for your buck” so to speak

What is Pine Pollen Powder?

Without fear of stating the obvious pine pollen powder is the pollen from pine trees. It is highly desirable for people who want and lead a healthy life due to its density of nutrients, containing 200+ different nutrients. Sufferers of low testosterone levels will be pleased to know that of the 200+ nutrients 4 are androgens, including testosterone and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone).

Within the remaining nutrients are all the right vitamins and minerals to help you to increase your testosterone naturally. It is also a source of 18 amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids.

Even the amino acid content helps to increase your T levels in an indirect and natural way!

L-Tyrosine helps to increase levels of the feel-good brain chemical, which is also a neurotransmitter, dopamine, which in turn due to being responsible for reducing stress lowers levels of the stress hormone which is a testosterone killer and thus indirectly enhances testosterone levels.

With the 200+ nutrients so densely packed, you can see why I refer to it as a mega food! If you know of a supplement with as many nutrients or more please mention it in the comments below!

How to take pine pollen powder

How can I take pine pollen powder for the best results and effects?

A great question! I make no secret of the fact that I love, absolutely love, to take my herbs with nutritious and organic (when and where possible) ingredients to enhance the herbs power and effect. A great way of doing that is to make healthy juices and smoothies. With pine pollen powder or tincture this is not necessary as it, itself is highly nutritious. However to get the best effect from the testosterone enhancing powers of both the powder and tincture take it with foods that are high in indole 3 carbinol.

Indole 3 carbinol is the most potent estrogen blocking compound known to mankind and is provided by mother nature in the form of cruciferous vegetables. A delicious green smoothie consisting of Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage to name a few. The indole 3 carbinol content of these foods will block the estrogen in your body from binding with testosterone and rendering it inert.

Side note: Indole 3 Carbinol foods are safe for ladies as they don’t lower, reduce estrogen levels or cause any such fertility issues it just blocks estrogen from binding to testosterone.

How To Take Pine Pollen Powder

Taking your pine pollen powder or tincture with cruciferous vegetables will help you to block estrogen from binding with your enhanced testosterone levels thanks to the indole 3 carbinol content

A Nice Recipe!

To make a Super delicious and scrumptious smoothie or juice.

Use Just one cup only of each of the Ingredients listed below (unless stated)

Spinach and Kale (half a cup of each), for the extra minerals and vitamins that enhance your testosterone levels

Broccoli, for the important estrogen blocking indole 3 carbinol and zinc!

Avocado, for the T building cholesterol. (cholesterol is the building blocks of testosterone!)

Put the ingredients mentioned into your high-speed blender and then blend until you have a nice smooth consistency and then add your daily dosage of pine pollen powder, then mix, serve and enjoy.

For a super shake, remove the Avocado and add milk to the recipe above!

If you are using pine pollen tincture, there is no requirement to put a few droplets into your juice, smoothie or shake. Just enjoy your drink before you take your daily tincture dosage in the usual way.

The mega pine pollen powder and tincture made it into The 4-hour Chef by Tim Ferris it is also on my list of recommended products for increasing your testosterone naturally as my top recommendations for testosterone enhancing supplements thanks to its’ very powerful effects.

For more information about pine pollen powder click the link or post insert below.

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If you have any questions regarding how to take pine pollen leave a comment below and I will reply as quickly as I can.

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