How To Take Tongkat Ali – Get The Maximum Benefits From The Herb!

How To Take Tongkat Ali – Get The Maximum Benefits From The Herb!

In this article, I talk about the powerful natural testosterone booster Tongkat Ali and how to take Tongkat Ali so that you can get the maximum testosterone enhancing benefits from the herb helping you to get the maximum benefit from your money spent.

But first….

What is Tongkat Ali & Where Does Originate?

Tongkat Ali is a powerful and effective herb for increasing testosterone as it helps to augment our levels of the hormone in three ways, firstly we shall talk about where it comes from.

Tongkat Ali originates from deep in the jungles and tropical rain forests of South East Asia, where it is grown naturally. In Vietnam, where I have seen TV adverts for the herb, to Indonesia where it is known locally as Pasak Bumi, and Thailand where in Thai the name is PlaPlai Phueak. It is, however in Malaysia where the majority is grown and where the name Tongkat Ali comes from, which is incidentally the Malay language meaning “Alis walking stick”.

It is botanically named Eurycoma longifolia which is perhaps where the name in which English speakers know it best comes from – Long Jack.

How does Tongkat Ali work?

Tongkat Ali works with your body by stimulating it to produce more testosterone. It achieves this by first stimulating a set of cells known as the gonadotropic cells and when those cells are stimulated they release hormones known as gonadotropins of which include the follicle stimulating hormone and more interestingly the luteinizing hormone.

The Luteinizing hormone then sets off a chain reaction in the Leydig cells when it stimulates them. The Leydig cells, which are in the gonads, stimulates the production of testosterone.

As mentioned previously Tongkat Ali works in three ways, the second way comes in its prevention and maintenance of those gains where it helps to block and prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

The third way is a way that can help us to show off those gains by looking more muscular and lean thanks to the lipogenic effect – yes, Tongkat Ali helps to burn fat!

How To Take Tongkat Ali

Helps To Burn Fat Too Thanks To The Lipogenesis effect!

This enhances testosterone indirectly as excess body fat stores estrogens which can lower our testosterone levels by binding to the hormone and effectively cancelling it out!

With this herb, you can not only enjoy the health benefits of reduced stress levels, reduced cholesterol, more energy and vitality, more gains and muscle tone, muscle firmness, mass and cuts. There is also the nice “secondary effect” of enhanced sex drive and enhanced libido (for men as well as women) as well as erectile firmenss.

Those are the benefits associated with enhanced testosterone levels

Other uses of this herb include that of being an anti viral – in Malaysia, it is used to treat malaria, dysentery and common colds and flus, this is thanks to the quassinoids in the herb being two times more effective than aspirin.

Lady readers can experience much less of a difficult time during the menstruation due to Tongkat Ali stimulating the Leydig cells and assisting the ovaries to release the egg. It is also known to help with the symptoms of the menopause.

How To Take Tongkat Ali

Lucky lady and a happy reporting back about the rather nice secondary effects!

How To Take Tongkat Ali For the Maximum Effects!

For the maximum testosterone boosting effects Tongkat Ali is best taken directly by mouth. It is, however, an acquired taste, to say the least, a strong bitter taste. Actually, after trying it a few times this way you do get used to it.

I take mine directly and like to let the taste hang there for 2 mins before rinsing my mouth with water.

With your herbs in a powder form you have the option of mixing them into your morning coffee for a delicious gourmet and healthy coffee – I am a sucker for putting Tongkat Ali in my morning coffee!.

You can make your own herbal teas or add in ginger for an additional tangy taste and testosterone boost also.

My favourite way is to make uber healthy smoothie and juices and add in the herb or herbs that I am taking. This is an excellent way as it provides the herbs with a proper, sound and solid base from which to work from helping you to get the maximum effects from the herbs.

An Ideal and delicious smoothie to help Tongkat Ali to give you the maximum testosterone boosting effects should contain plenty cruciferous vegetables and dark leafy greens.

Spinach, Broccoli, Arugula lettuce, kale and cabbage would be a fine example as these vegetables contain a lot of the nutrients required to boost testosterone levels, which is going to help that side of the herbs T – boosting effects to be more effective and importantly you will get plenty indole 3-carbinol which is the most powerful estrogen blocker known to mankind! – and thus will help you to keep the testosterone gains by preventing it from binding to estrogen.

Note to Ladies: Indole 3-carbinol is an estrogen blocker, it does not and will not lower your levels of estrogen. It merely prevents, blocks it from binding to testosterone. It has no capabilities of affecting your sexuality or fertility.

An Idea Dosage of Tongkat Ali is to take 100mg twice daily on a cycle of 5 days on and 2 days off.

How To Take Tongkat Ali

Delicious green smoothie can help you to get the maximum benefit from this herb.

Where to Buy the Best Tongkat Ali

As Previously mentioned this herb is best in powdered form due to the ability to allow you to take it in a variety of ways and gets you into the habit of making super healthy shakes, juices and smoothies.

I buy my powdered herbs from Lost Empire Herbs, due to their excellent customer service, 365-day money back guarantee and the independent lab analysis reports that are right there on their site for everyone to freely read.

For first time buyers they have a nice 15% discount and for residents in North America a free delivery offer on all orders over $100.

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Where To Buy Tongkat Ali – A Review Of The Best Tongkat Ali

If you have any questions relating to Tongkat Ali or how to take Tongkat Ali leave a comment below and I will reply pronto!

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