Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Know Them And increase Your Testosterone Naturally!

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Know Them And increase Your Testosterone Naturally!

In this article, minerals that Increase testosterone, I talk about what minerals you should be getting in your diet so that you can get a nice natural increase in testosterone. In a previous article, I spoke about which vitamins help to increase your testosterone. Those vitamins and minerals ought to form the base of your diet and help any herbs that you are taking to work better as you will be giving them a solid platform from which to work.

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Magnesium

There are a huge number of studies that prove the link between increasing the amount of magnesium in your diet and increased levels of free testosterone in your body.

The studies indicated that the ideal daily amount is 10mg per kilo of body weight. Which means if you weigh 65kilos you ought to take 65kg x 10mg = 650mg of magnesium daily. This amount has been proven to increase your testosterone by 24% nice! that is almost a one-quarter increase!

The additional bonus for your health is that magnesium can help to reduce your hypertension, which is also a cause of low testosterone!

Best source: Spinach, Pumpkin seeds, soybeans, swiss chard, sesame seeds, black beans, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts.

Minerals And Testosterone

Sesame seeds are a great source of one of the minerals that increase testosterone – magnesium!

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Calcium

This might surprise a few as calcium is more commonly associated with being great for your bones, it is great for raising testosterone levels also which is a nice extra as testosterone is also good for your bone density also. It is, like magnesium, good for lowering and regulating your blood pressure.

There has not been a lot of research conducted regarding the relationship between this mineral and testosterone. A study in the 1970’s does suggest that there is a profound link between an increased quantity of calcium in your diet and the stimulation of the Leydig cells in your gonads and enhanced levels of testosterone in your body.

Best source: Milk, yoghurt, cheese, soy beans, spinach, kale.

Minerals That Increase Testosterone

Dem bones, dem bones need calcium…and so does your Leydig cells to increase testosterone!

Minerals That Increase Testosterone – Selenium

Unfortunately for us, there is very little known about this minerals properties to increase testosterone. There have been a few studies that have proven that selenium can improve the quality of your sperm and therefore indicates a possible link to improving your testosterone levels if you take it in higher quantities.

Best Source: Oysters, Brazil nuts, Tuna, lobsters, Whole wheat bread, pork, seeds, swordfish beef. lamb, Chicken, Mushrooms, Turkey.

Minerals And Testosterone

Oysters and shell fish in general are excellent sources of minerals that increase testosterone.


Zinc is in all probability the best known mineral that increases testosterone levels. There are countless studies that have established the relationship between augmenting your intake of zinc and the elevation of testosterone levels.

Best Source: Crab, Oysters, Lobster, Lamb, Beef, Broccoli, Pork, Chicken steak, Chickpeas, Raw cacao, nuts and spinach.

Minerals That Increase Testosterone

Broccoli, excellent source of zinc


There are two very interesting studies that exist on boron. One indicates that if you take just 6mg per day for a period of 2 months your testosterone levels can increase by 30%.

The other study indicates that a slight increase of boron from 6mg to 10mg daily for just one week results in an impressive 28% increase in testosterone.

Those studies and the results of them tell that boron is perhaps best taken in the smaller quantity and regularly and on a more prolonged basis for better longer lasting and perhaps continued results.

Best Sources: Almonds, Raisins, Avocados, lentils, Peanut Butter.


The relationship between levels of free testosterone in your body and the quantity of manganese is a direct relationship. But, be careful, manganese is a neurotoxin and you really ought to not take high levels of this mineral simply for that reason – its toxicity for your brain.

Best Sources:  Muscles, hazelnuts, flax seeds, beans. tofu, Brown rice and black tea.

Supplements For Bosting Testosterone Levels

One particular Supplement that is great and highly nutritious for enhancing your testosterone is Shilajit resin.  Shilajit Resin in a black tar-like and a rather unusual supplement that comes from high up in the Himalayas and is a very potent way to take minerals as it contains over 85+ different minerals in their organic state. Studies have proven to increase testosterone by over 20% when taken daily for 3 months.

It also helps to chelate toxic and non-organic minerals from your body in a totally natural and chemical free way. Being so dense it mineral content it works wonders for your health overall.

It is definitely a supplement worth your while in trying. For more information about Shilajit resin, click the highlighted text above.

My top two herbal supplements for increasing your testosterone naturally are Pine Pollen Tincture And Tongkat Ali. These two herbs work in two completely different ways. One works as a natural testosterone replacement therapy and the other works with your body to stimulate it into producing more testosterone. The question is which method do you prefer to increase your testosterone? A natural hormone replacement therapy or work with your body and stimulate it into producing more.

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