Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diet are a very important part of general life and health. I abide by a philosophy of “you are what you eat” and take, generally speaking, a herb and food therapy approach to ensuring my testosterone levels remain at their peak.

When It comes to herbs, I am a big believer in giving them the proper platform and springboard to work from, and that is proper sound nutrition.

All around us and in everyday life there are foods rich in the right nutrients to increase our testosterone levels. It is just a matter of knowing which ones. This is where I will be doing the heavy work and saving you trawling the internet for hours, day and even weeks researching which food we ought to get more of and how to achieve our goal of enhancing our testosterone levels naturally.

The great news is none of these food items are strange obscure foods from far-flung places that are extremely difficult to find, they are everyday foods you see and have seen in your local supermarket. For some of you, like it was for me it may be simply changing eating habits and switching your regular foods for more of the ones I mention that can and very much will increase your testosterone levels.

And by focusing on nutrition, we will see some magnificent knock on effects in our overall health and well-being in general.

Throughout this site, you will perhaps become familiar with one of my preferred methods of high vitamin and mineral intake – smoothies and juices. In my humble opinion, there are few better methods, if any of getting a high concentration of nutrients in our diets that making our own smoothies and juices.

As I love and adore readers participation, please do feel free to share a food source that you feel may be beneficial to us, and of course your fave smoothie or juice recipe, I’ll be too happy to investigate its’ nutritional content and mention it one this site!

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To your health, wealth and higher T-Levels,

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