Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits – Max Out Your Testosterone Levels!

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits – Max Out Your Testosterone Levels!

In this article, I will be talking about pine pollen tincture benefits, which is a powerful testosterone enhancing supplement. I will also tell you how to take it for optimum results and what the recommended dosage is and where you can buy the best pine pollen tincture

What is Pine Pollen Tincture?

Pine pollen tincture is a very powerful and potent natural testosterone enhancer. It is so powerful that many people consider it as a natural hormone replacement therapy for those with low testosterone levels.

It contains testosterone as well as 3 other androgens which are Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA for short), androsterone, androstenedione. Having all of those in the tincture makes it a powerful and direct testosterone enhancer.

The testosterone enhancement does not end there! the tincture also contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc and copper as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Those are the nutrients that help to increase your testosterone!

One of the 18 amino acids in pine pollen tincture is L-Tyrosine, which helps to increase levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine which reduces stress and helps to induce a feeling of joy, happiness and a general overall sense of well-being. As stress reduces testosterone levels this is another very subtle way in which the tincture can help to increase your testosterone naturally.

That’s 3 ways in which this supplement can enhance your T – levels!

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits

A steroid alternative!

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits

One of the main pine pollen tincture benefits is that of augmenting your T levels directly. Enhanced test results are of course more lean muscle mass, greater strength, reduced stress, more energy and vitality, stronger erections, increased sex drive and libido.

Pine pollen tincture also has some powerful antioxidants that repair cellular damage caused by free radicles. Pine pollen tincture benefits also extend to anti-aging as it also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD for short) which is very well known for its ability to reverse the signs of ageing, particularly with the internal organs.

One of the better and more important pine pollen tincture benefits other than enhanced T levels is that it is also great for hormonal support as it balances estrogenic and androgenic hormones as well as eliminating xenoestrogens and detoxifies the liver. It also protects the cardiovascular system. The tincture also helps to regulate weight loss by supporting your metabolism, enhancing energy and increasing vitality.

In short, pine pollen tincture benefits extend beyond that of being just a powerful testosterone enhancer.

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits

With pine pollen tincture it can leave you with the energy of a bunny rabbit in spring time!

Ideal Dosage

Pine pollen tincture dosage is just one dropper full twice daily. For those with seriously low testosterone levels can take 2 or 3 droppers full at night in addition to their other dose of one dropper full during the day.

To take the tincture simply place the liquid below your tongue and hold it there for as long as you can. Ideally hold the liquid there for one or two mins. Alternatively, you can place the liquid between your lower lip and gums and hold it here for one or two mins. Placing the tincture in those areas allows the androgens and nutrients to enter your blood stream directly.

To help maintain your high T levels have a delicious green smoothie with a lot of vegetables high in indole 3 carbinol such as cruciferous vegetables and dark leafy green vegetables. This will help to block estrogen from binding to testosterone and rendering it inert.

Pine pollent tincture has to be cycled on a 5-days on and 2-days off cycle or if you wish 10-days on and 5-days off.

Where to buy Pine Pollen Tincture

The best pine pollen tincture is sold by the California-based and family run Lost Empire Herbs. Their tincture is powerful for a single dropper full to be enough for most people yet not so powerful that it sends your T levels through the roof, which can leave your aggressive and jittery.

All of their consumable products come with an astounding 365-day no questions asked full money back guarantee! They also have a sweet 15% discount for first-time buyers. There is a free delivery option for customers in North America that spend over $100.

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Best Pine Pollen Tincture – Powerful Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy!

If you have any questions regarding pine pollen tincture benefits leave a question below and will get back to you with a reply as soon as I can.

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