SD 200 Tongkat Ali Reviews – Can It Amp Up Your Testosterone?

SD 200 Tongkat Ali Reviews – Can It Amp Up Your Testosterone?

In this article, I talk and review a potent and effective Tongkat Ali product produced by Pure Science Supplements. SD 200 Tongkat Ali Reviews article I will tell you if this product and help to amp up your testosterone or not!

SD 200 Tongkat Ali Reviews

Pure Science SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract - Derived from 80g of Tongkat Ali Powder with 200:1 Extract Strength - Natural Testosterone Booster - 40 Capsules
List Price: $72.00
Price: $67.00
You Save: $5.00
Guaranteed: Yes
My Rating: 9.5/10
Best Place To Buy: Amazon
Good For: Increasing testosterone naturally by 37%, decreasing stress hormone cortisol by 16%, burning excess fat and restoring calm feeling and can be used as a natural anti-viral and for all sorts of aches and pains.

 Product Overview

The product Tongkat Ali SD 200, by Singapore-based Pure Science Supplements, is a herbal supplement for those that need or want to increase their testosterone, be they athletes, bodybuilders, men suffering from erectile dysfunction or those suffering the effects of low testosterone.

The capsules are non-gelatine and are vegetable capsules. Every capsule has 400mg of the herb Tongkat Ali which is hot water extracted at a potency of 200:1. That’s 200 kilos to make 1 kilo of the herb. This means that every capsule’s contents are the equivalent of 80 grammes of the testosterone enhancing herb.

Pure Science Supplements only use the roots of the tree for which the herb is extracted that is a minimum of 10 years old and wildly harvested. These two points ensure that both the quality and potency of the product is of the highest standard.

Tongkat Ali is a well-established herb for boosting testosterone levels by up to 37%!. It is a herb that comes from, predominantly speaking, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. In Malaysia, where I currently live it is very much a national product. Tongkat Ali to Malaysia is what Whisky is to Scotland, my native country!

In Malaysia, where I currently live it is very much a national product. Tongkat Ali to Malaysia is what Whisky is to Scotland, my native country!

I have seen Tongkat Ali sold in refreshing drinks, potato chips and as gourmet coffee and premium chocolates.

In short, it is very easy to find Tongkat Ali here in Malaysia.

SD200 Tongkat Ali Reviews

72% of buyers rate SD 200 Tongkat Ali as a 4 or 5-star product!

 Tongkat Ali And Testosterone

The herb Tongkat Ali increases your testosterone by working in synergy with your body by means of stimulating it into producing more of the hormone. Firstly It stimulates your gonadotropic cells which are in your anterior pituitary gland which then releases gonadotropins.

Two of the gonadotropins which are released are the luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone respectively. The Luteinizing hormone then sets off a chain reaction in your Leydig cells, which are situated in your gonads and more testosterone is produced.

This is the first way and most direct way and natural way by which testosterone is increased by Tongkat Ali.

Testosterone is also increased and the gains are very well maintained thanks to the Malaysian super herbs ability to inhibit and prevent testosterone from converting and aromatizing into estrogen.

Testosterone is also increased thanks to the herbs ability to assist you in losing weight and burning fat as it has strong lipogenic effects and properties. Losing body fat helps you to reduce the quantity of stored estrogen making less estrogen available to bind to free testosterone and render it inert resulting in more bioavailable testosterone in your body.

A lovely additional fact is that Tongkat Ali is high in quassinoids, twice as much as aspirin making it a good treatment for general aches and pains as well as winter colds. In Malaysia, it is very often used as a treatment for malaria and dysentery.

SD200 Tongkat Ali Reviews

Those are nice effects that can be attributed to a significant increase in testosterone

SD 200 Tongkat Ali Reviews – The Pros And The Cons

I would not consider this SD 200 Tongkat Ali reviews to be fair and complete unless I tell you what I did like and did not like about it.

The Pros

What I really liked about the supplement  SD 200 Tongkat Ali

  • It is a top-selling product, having sold just over 1,000 items. This itself indicates that people like it and buy it and quite possibly has a lot of repeat buyers.
  • It is highly reviewed having been reviewed by almost 1,000 buyers. 72%, almost 3 out of 4 buyers rating it as a 4 star or 5-star product.
  • Very well priced for a month supply.
  • It has a lot of good positive reviews on amazon.
  • It is a natural product. It is wildly harvested which means it is chemical free!
  • It Enhances your testosterone in a very natural way

The Cons

What I Really didn’t like about SD 200 Tongkat Ali.

  • It can leave you with a little insomnia if taken a bit too late in the evening.
  • Some users may feel a little too much body heat, due to the fat burning lipogenic effect if they are taking too high a dose.

These two minor cons are easily solved, just don’t take your second dose too late in the evening and stick to the stated dosage.


9.5/10.  This is a great and powerful product that you really should try as the herb Tongkat Ali has been clinically proven in many studies and trials to be an effective treatment for increasing testosterone.

It is also a very handy herb to have around your house for treating, colds, headaches, influenza, and general aches and pains in a natural way. I recommend that you buy it and increase your testosterone in a completely natural way.

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If you have any questions relating to SD 200 Tongkat Ali Reviews, leave a comment below and I will reply back as soon as I can.

References: Tongkat Ali increasing testosterone by 37%

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