Spices That Increase Testosterone – Spice Up Your Life!

Spices That Increase Testosterone – Spice Up Your Life!

In this article, spices that increase testosterone, I talk about some nice and very common spices that have some astounding effects on your testosterone levels – all the more reason to spice up your life!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Just like herbs, there are spices that increase testosterone. Getting more of these in your diet will not only add an extra zang and tang to your favourite dishes but help to enhance your testosterone. So make it a habit to add those to your dishes and if you wish a lovely and delicious infusion like I do with Tumeric and Ginger!

Spices That Increase Testosterone – Ginger

Ginger – not only my favourite spice but way back in the day my fave spice girl too! It is super easy to find in powder form and organic too. Making a ginger tea is one of my daily routines for increasing testosterone naturally. Studies in Tehran showed that ginger increases testosterone by just over 17% and of the luteinizing hormone by 43%!.

Ginger contains glutathione which is a protective antioxidant that protects your testosterone producing Leydig cells! All the more reason for getting spicy with ginger!

…..And it is great for your waistline as ginger helps to burn fat! Giving ginger a three-pronged attack on low testosterone.

  1. Actually increasing testosterone
  2. Helping to reduce excess body fat, which can reduce testosterone
  3. Protecting the testosterone producing Leydig cells.
Spices That Increase Testosterone

Ginger, more of the spices that increases testosterone


When is comes to spices that increase testosterone turmeric has quite an astonishing effect! a whopping 257% increase in testosterone! That is exactly why I add a teaspoon of turmeric with a tablespoon of ginger into my afternoon herbal infusion!

The good cholesterol, HDL levels were increased by almost 30%, which is great as this is the building blocks for testosterone! Furthermore by adding pepper, you can enhance the absorption rate of turmeric by your body by a factor of 20!

Turmeric can also help to prevent cancer and when onions are added help to prevent colon cancer.

That cheeky curry may not be so unhealthy after all!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Turmeric is one the spices that increases testosterone rather dramatically!

Cayenne Pepper and Hot Chillies

If you are on a diet and being a little on the porky side is causing your low testosterone, well a calorie deficient diet is not going to do much good. This is down to calorie deficient diets being rather famed for killing testosterone levels, which is kind of ironic as being overweight is also murdering your testosterone levels!

Step forward Mr Cayenne pepper, and its ability to lower the effects of the hunger hormone grhelin helping to set aside the testosterone-reducing effects of a calorie deficit diet. And with a gracious thanks to the high vitamin A content of hot chillies and Cayenne you can experience a nice increase in testosterone!

Spices That Increase Testosterone

Getting spicy can certainly help your T levels!


Basil contains the compound apigenin which is a flavonoid also found in onions and garlic and is known for its testosterone boosting abilities. A study involving albino rabbits conducted at the Sharma University in India showed a 5 fold increase in testosterone levels in the group of rabbits that were given basil.

Basil also known for its ability to restore calm and reduce stress, which is great for enhancing testosterone as stress increases your levels of testosterone destroying cortisol.

Spices that increase testosterone

Basil, rather surprisingly makes the list of spices that increase testosterone.

Herbs That Increase Testosterone

It is not only or uniquely spices that increase testosterone, herbs are rather effective and very well known for boosting T levels. Two particular herbs that catch my eye are Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen Tincture.  Both are natural products that can most certainly help you to increase your testosterone naturally.

Tongkat Ali will work with your body and stimulate it into producing more testosterone and help to maintain those increases by protecting it from being converted into estrogen. It is great for burning fat due to the lipogenic properties. Give this a go and see your testosterone levels rise.

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Pine Pollen Tincture is, in fact, a rather powerful and direct testosterone enhancer that contains DHEA, testosterone and 2 more androgens making a natural testosterone replacement therapy! – And that is definitely something worth your while trying!

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If you have any questions regarding spices that increase testosterone, leave a comment below and I will reply back to you as soon as I can.

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