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When it comes down to the nitty gritty of boosting testosterone levels supplements are without a single doubt, the most popular, quickest and when integrated with a holistic approach of exercise and good nutrition it the most effective.

But we have got to separate what is useful and handy, fine and dandy from what is really no more than adult candy!

Fortunately, I do know of a few natural products that are outstanding at increasing testosterone levels and, don’t quite cost an arm and a leg.

You will find these products under the Reviews section for an honest opinion on what I think and how I rate the product and over in the supplements category some fine details about how they work in a clear concise non-technical and not so dry and boring way, but rather light easy way.

I believe in explaining how the supplements work is a very important aspect as it can help a reader to determine if they wish to try them or not and gives a clear explanation as to how they work.

Supplements work in very different ways, some increase the androgen receptors in the brain and not actually increasing testosterone levels but make what we do have more effective, others by stimulating the release of gonadotropins, or indeed by mimicking testosterone in the Leydig cells. Again, other may simply help to reduce stress and block cortisol or block estrogen and thus indirectly increase testosterone levels.

There are many different ways in which supplements work.

I also indicate, how nutrition plays its part in helping the supplements to do their job and to be more effective and suggest what you ought to be taking particular supplements with to get the best effect from them, the most bang out of your buck so to speak!.

If there any supplements that you want me to review or consider, please feel free to drop me a line via the contact form or better still by leaving a comment below one of the posts.

While I love writing about the topic of increasing testosterone naturally, the aim of this site is to be interactive, reader-participation is very important to me as your participation and input can help many people.

This site is created for you, the reader.

To your health, wealth and higher T-levels!

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