Testosterone Boosting Salad – Can A Simple Salad Boost Your T Levels?

Testosterone Boosting Salad – Can A Simple Salad Boost Your T Levels?

In this article, Testosterone boosting salad, I give you a delicious and healthy recipe for a salad that can help you to increase your testosterone levels. Having established in a previous article that there are vegetables that boost testosterone, Let’s put them to use!.

Testosterone Boosting Salad – The Ingredients Explained

This salad will be based around the testosterone enhancing arugula lettuce.

Ingredients: Arugula lettuce, onions, hard boiled eggs, Tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, asparagus and olive oil.

Optional Special Ingredient: Tongkat Ali.

Arugula lettuce: Packed with all the right and natural nutrients for increasing your testosterone and regulating your blood pressure. It is also high in cell repairing antioxidants.

Onions: A nice and delicious addition to any salad and an awesome testosterone enhancer due to containing two compounds, quercetin and apigenin. Studies on rodents have proven a 3x increase in testosterone levels when scientists and researchers added onions were to their diet.

Hard boiled eggs: Provide the much necessary cholesterol which is the very building blocks for testosterone. Eggs also contain B Vitamins and zinc, which are good for increasing your energy and testosterone.

Tomatoes: It is difficult not to encounter tomatoes in a salad and the bonus is they contain many of the vitamins and minerals needed for increasing testosterone naturally.

Testosterone boosting salad

I spy many ingredinets that can help boost your testosterone – do you?

Broccoli: The T vegetable as I love to call it. Broccoli is high in zinc, potassium and protein also. It helps to lower blood pressure. Is a 100% natural source of vitamins A, C, and K,

Spinach: Popeye’s strength boosting vegetable for a reason as it really is a testosterone boosting superfood containing a heck of a lot of the vitamins and minerals that your body requires to increase T levels. Rather conveniently it also high in nitrates which improves your circulation and delivery of nutrients across your body!

Asparagus: A nice addition and really loaded with the very nutrients that our body need for good general health and kick starting testosterone production.  

Salad Dressing

I like my salads like I like my women .. sexy and undressed! however, I do understand that some of you may prefer their salads dressed.

This dressing if very simple, just some good old fashioned and healthy for your heart extra virgin olive oil!

Testosterone boosting salad

Olive Oil makes a nice simple but heart healthy salad dressing

optional, and much better is to sprinkle in a little bit of powdered Tongkat Ali and mix it into the olive oil before dressing your salad. This will help to give your salad a nice extra testosterone boost.

Herbs For Testosterone

There are many herbs that can increase your testosterone levels. Two of these herbs are the aforementioned Tongkat Ali. and Pine Pollen Tincture. Both of which are my favourite two for increasing testosterone as they work in completely different ways and have a very nice efficient effect at enhancing my T levels and can be taken together safely.

Tongkat Ali works with your body by stimulating it into producing more of the all-important hormone for us men and helps us to keep those gains by preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. It can also help you if obesity is at the heart of your cause of low testosterone by acting as a fat burner.

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Pine Pollen Tincture is a natural alternative for hormone replacement therapy as it contains 4 potent androgens which includes testosterone and DHEA! meaning it can directly increase your testosterone levels. It is made from the Pine Pollen Powder which contains over 200+ nutrients! nice!!

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If you have any questions about testosterone boosting salad, leave a comment below and I will reply back to you as soon as I can

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