Tongkat Ali And Testosterone – All About The Powerful Testosterone Boosting Herb

Tongkat Ali And Testosterone – All About The Powerful Testosterone Boosting Herb

In this article, I talk about Tongkat Ali and testosterone and discuss how it raises testosterone in a natural way by stimulating certain parts of your body. I also mention other uses of the herb that can benefit your health.

First, for those who are unfamiliar let me give a brief introduction to the herb.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a herb that predominantly comes from South East Asia and is predominantly grown in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand with Malaysia being the greatest producer and exporter of Tongkat Ali products.

In Malaysia it is national product revered for its potency and ability to revitalise, reenergize, boost testosterone, help cure malaria, dysentery common colds and influenza.  Traditionally is was – and still is used to restore sexuality and increase sex drive in both men and women.

You can find the herb in practically every single street or street corner all over Malaysia in all sorts of forms from coffee to popular refreshments to potato chips with it added in – that is not mentioning the regular powdered free form herb or capsules or tablet form. I have even seen premium quality Tongkat Ali chocolates!

Tongkat Ali and testosterone

Nice start to the day, gourmet coffee and a Chocolate both containing powerful testosterone enhancer

Tongkat Ali And Testosterone- How does it work?

It well established that Tongkat Ali is a potent and powerful natural and herbal  testosterone booster but how exactly does it work? is a question often asked.

Time for the science part…

This is very easy to understand. I’ll explain it in simple non-technical terms.

The herb Tongkat Ali stimulates the gonadotropic cells which are found in the anterior pituitary gland. The gonadotropic cells are cells which release hormones aptly called gonadotropins. Of the gonadotropins released one of which is the luteinizing hormone. The luteinizing hormone then stimulates the Leydig cells which are located in the gonads – (this where the “gonad” in “gonadotropins and gonadotropic” comes from).  A chain reaction is then set off in the gonads and more testosterone is produced.

See simple and easy to understand how it works.

It does not end there!

Tongkat Ali and testosterone enhancement does not end there – it helps to keep those gains by also working by suppressing and preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. That is big plus for anyone wishing to increase their testosterone levels be it for personal or medical reasons.

The big plus for those who are dieting be it for better cuts or to simply lose weight is the fact that this herb also helps to burn fat directly via lipogenesis. This also helps to enhance testosterone levels long term as less excess body fat means more testosterone as less testosterone is getting bound by the excess estrogens which are stored in body fat.

Tongkat Ali And Testosterone

Tongkat Ali can help you get the gains and the cuts!

It has also been shown in clinical trials that the herb Tongkat Ali can help to lower levels of stress hormone cortisol. Like estrogen, cortisol lowers testosterone levels. Reducing cortisol obviously results in higher testosterone and greater testosterone to cortisol ratios.

Clinical Trials

Over the years there has been a number of clinical trials and studies relating to the subject and topic of Tongkat Ali and testosterone using a variety of conditions, and control groups.

One very interesting study successfully proved the relationship and effectiveness of the herb for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts seeking to increase muscle mass. Both the male and female groups taking the herb showed strength increases greater than those not taking the herb,proving its effectiveness for both sexes.

Another interesting trial involving people on a strict diet for several weeks showed they managed to maintain their testosterone levels, where under ordinary and typical circumstances their testosterone would have dropped.

Endurance athletes, a group whom would not normally take muscle building supplements also showed an increase in testosterone levels.

In short, it has been well proven and documented that Tongkat Ali help to increase testosterone levels

Details of the various clinical trials can be seen here

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali?

The best place to buy Tongkat Ali is from a family owned and operated business located in California, Lost Empire Herbs. I buy my herbs from these guys and have a subscription with them where they auto send my herbs meaning I never run out!

I like them as they go to lengths to make sure their product is of the highest quality – including independent lab reports on all their herbs and tinctures available for customers to read on their website and an outstanding and industry leading 365-day full money back guarantee!.

First-time customers can claim a 15% discount.

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Where To Buy Tongkat Ali – A Review Of The Best Tongkat Ali

If you any questions regarding Tongkat Ali and testosterone leave a comment below and will get right back to you with a reply as soon as I can.

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