Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali Benefits

In this article, “Tongkat Ali Benefits” I talk about the benefits of the best known Malaysian herb – Tongkat Ali and how it can help to increase your testosterone levels naturally. For readers that are not familiar with Tongkat Ali, I will explain briefly what this herb is and where you can buy it at what I know is the best price and quality available.

I also talk about how you ought to take this herb to get the maximum benefits of its testosterone boosting capabilities, and what the ideal dosage is.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a herb that is predominantly grown in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia – the Cameron Highlands particularly speaking. It is botanically known as “Eurycoma Longifolia”. It is more commonly known by westerners as Long jack.

Due to its’ adaptogenic effect, it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Malaysian Ginseng, but this is not an accurate nickname as it does not belong to the same botanical family as Ginseng.

Bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts know this herb for its rather powerful effects at increasing testosterone levels, which is just one of its more modern uses. Traditionally it has been used, and used for centuries, to improve sexual functionality and enhance libido in both men and women.

It is also great for ladies who are experiencing a particularly difficult time during their menstrual cycle as well as the menopause.

Out here in the tropics, Tongkat Ali is a powerful treatment for malaria, dysentery and is very effective for sore heads common colds and flus’. This is perhaps due to the herb containing twice as many quassinoids as aspirin!

How does Tongkat Ali work?

Tongkat Ali’s main function or the function that interests us most on this site comes from its ability to increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels are naturally increased by working with the body. Firstly by stimulating a group of cells located in the anterior pituitary gland known as the gonadotropic cells. These cells, when stimulated release gonadotropins such as the luteinizing hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone.

The very name “gonadotropic” and “gonadotropins” gives a clue as to what these do – they stimulate the gonads! – which is exactly what the luteinizing hormone does it stimulates a set of cells in the gonads called the Leydig cells which then sets off a chain reaction and stimulates the production of testosterone, free non binding testosterone to be more precise.

In addition to the increase of free testosterone, Tongkat Ali helps to maintain that increase by assisting in the prevention of the hormone from converting into estrogen via the aromatizing process!

Augmented levels of testosterone in our body gives us more strength, vitality, energy, improved sleep quality, reduced body fat, reduced stress levels as well as the sexual benefits of elevated sex drive and prowess, and for men stronger harder erections!

Pretty easy to see without testosterone or sufficient testosterone levels we are pretty screwed!

Tongkat Ali Benefits

What Ever Do You Mean Mr Harris?

Tongkat Ali Dose

The Ideal Dosage of Tongkat Ali is 100 milligrammes twice daily. It is advised to use this herb in a cycle so that you are not harming your bodies natural production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

A particularly good way to cycle this herb is 5 days on and 2 days off.

How to Take Tongkat Ali

This herb is best taken orally, and directly! You can take it with water or indeed add it to smoothies or your own home made uber healthy juices for an excellent testosterone augmenting effect. You can, if you wish, even add the powdered version into your morning coffee to give you an excellent gourmet coffee!

An Ideal fruit smoothie would consist of bananas, watermelon,  pineapple, and delicious fresh strawberries. For a healthy green smoothie use dark leafy greens like kale, broccoli, and popeyes favourite spinach!

Taking your herbs with juices and smoothies gives you a sound and solid nutritional base or platform from which the herb that you are taking or adding them to can then work from and be more effective and help you to get the max effect from it.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Delicious healthy smoothies – an ideal way to take your herbs!

Where to buy Tongkat Ali

From my experience, knowledge and thorough investigation as well as trial and error the best and most adaptable form of Tongkat Ali comes in powdered form. This is what I like because of the ease of use and the varied ways in which you can take it, from juices to smoothies to mixing it in your coffee! – heck, you can even cook with it or use it as a condiment!.

In my opinion, the very best quality Tongkat Ali product is sold by an independent and family owned business based in California, Lost Empire Herbs.

I love buying my herbs from these guys as they bring the peace of mind that I require when buying online with their 365-day money back guarantee. Which allows me (and of course you too) to try their herbs for a whole year and if, in the unlikely event, I (or you) don’t get or experience the results that were expected then we can simply request a refund!

Definitely worth mentioning and taking advantage of is the first time buyers discount of 15% and that all purchases from North America over $100 get free delivery! Nice!

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Where To Buy Tongkat Ali – A Review Of The Best Tongkat Ali

That concludes this article, if you have any questions regarding Tongkat Ali Benefits, or wish to share your experience with the herb leave a comment below and I will reply as quickly as I can.

To your health, wealth and high T-levels

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