Tongkat Ali Dosage – Get The Right Dose For The Maximum Effect!

Tongkat Ali Dosage – Get The Right Dose For The Maximum Effect!

In this article, I talk about what the ideal Tongkat Ali Dosage Is for you to get the maximum effect from its’ testosterone boosting capabilities. However, prior to arriving at the main topic of this article, I will give a brief explanation and introduction as to what Tongkat Ali is for readers who may be unfamiliar with it.

What is Tongkat Ali and Where Does It Originate?

This peculiar herb is a very traditional herb used in Asia, specifically Indonesia and Malaysia where it is predominantly grown. In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is hugely popular and is found in teas, coffee, soft drinks and potato chips and is literally available on every street!

It is an effective and powerful testosterone booster and an anti-viral that is good for treating malaria and dysentery, flus and common colds. Traditionally speaking, however, it was and still is used as a sex aid to help women as well as men to enhance their sex drive and libido as well as for men to obtain stronger firmer erections.

In more modern times it is principally used by gym enthusiasts and body builders as a testosterone booster to help them to bulk up and increase muscle mass.

Tongkat Ali is much better known by English Speakers as Long jack.

How Does Tongkat Ali Work?

Here comes the science….

It is simple, really. follow me as I explain in simple terms.

Located in the anterior pituitary gland there are cells those cells are the gonadotropic cells, which when stimulated by Tongkat Ali, release gonadotropins, particularly the luteinizing hormone.

The Luteinizing hormone then stimulates cells in the gonads called the Leydig cells, this sets off a continuous reaction which stimulates the gonads into producing more testosterone.

It is easy to see how this herb works in a completely natural way by working with your body by stimulating it to produce more testosterone naturally. That is way better, healthier and safer than injecting synthetic hormones!

See, Simple to understand how it works, huh!

Another beautiful benefit for boosting testosterone naturally is that the herb fights to keep those gains as it helps to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. It does n’t end there, especially for those who are overweight or have excess body fat. It helps increase testosterone by means of the lipogenesis, which is burning of fat cells.

Couple that with the fact that fat cells store and have a whole love affair going on with estrogen – which has the testosterone lowering habit of binding itself to testosterone and rendering it inert.

Tongkat Ali Dosage

Tongkat Ali is harmonious with your body

Quick Recap

Win! – It works with our body by stimulating it to produce more testosterone!

Win! – Helps keep those gains by helping to prevent the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen!

Win! – It helps to burn body fat, helping us to reduce body helps to increase testosterone due to stored estrogen’s binding effect with testosterone!

Pretty easy to see why it so popular as an effective natural testosterone booster!

How can it benefit us?

For us, the principal benefits come from enhanced testosterone levels and the benefits that brings to us in terms of hitting those gym goals and goals of increasing muscle mass and of obtaining cuts than come from the lipogenic properties.

There are additional pluses such as increased energy, vitality and vigor as well as reduced stress, lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure, better quality sleep, and not mentioning greater resilience to viruses due to the high levels of quassinoids which make it a powerful anti viral.

Not to mention the sexual benefits of enhanced sex drive, and for men, stronger harder erections!

For the finer sex, Tongkat Ali can assist in augmenting your libido as well as help you with “the monthlies” particularly if you are having a tough time. It is good for helping with the symptoms of the menopause also.

All round, this herb is freaking awesome! and not just a T booster or for muscle gains!

Tongkat Ali Dosage

The Ideal Tongkat Ali Dosage is 100mg to be taken twice daily. You can take it orally or jazz up your smoothies, juices or your morning coffee with a great testosterone boost!

I like to take mine mixed in with my morning coffee to give me a great unique gourmet coffee and with my afternoon smoothie just as my T levels may be dropping off a little. On gym day I miss out on the afternoon dosage and take it just before hitting the gym in a light juice or directly.

I’ll also take some for bedroom fun, spice things up with my GF for nice “Sexy time”.

For great results and to get the best out of Tongkat you can make an awesome T boosting healthy green smoothie make from cruciferous vegetables such as kale, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli. These all contain a lot of the powerful testosterone enhancing vitamins and minerals and rather importantly a compound known as Indole 3 carbinol, which is the most powerful estrogen blocking compound known to mankind.

This compound, Indole 3-carbinol will help the herb in its ability to block and prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen! And you into keeping your gains and maximising the benefits of the herb!

Side note: Female readers should not preoccupy themselves about cruciferous vegetables being estrogen blockers due to the indole 3-carbinol content as it does not lower estrogen levels, it simply only blocks the hormone from binding to testosterone.

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali?

Top quality Tongkat Ali, in my opinion, and experience, the best is can be bought from the Lost Empire Herbs Website.

I particularly like this company as it is family owned and the people behind it are dedicated to the world of natural herbs and living. A huge plus is not just their 365-day full money back guarantee but the fact that they have right there on their site independent laboratory analysis of all their herbs and products sold.

That gives us, you and me, (the buyers), the peace of mind that the herbs are the real deal.

There is also a nice 15% discount for first-time buyers and Free Delivery for orders over $100 from North America.

For more information regarding Tongkat Ali by Lost Empire Herbs, click the link or post insert below.

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Where To Buy Tongkat Ali – A Review Of The Best Tongkat Ali

If you have any questions relating to Tongkat Ali Dosage fire away and shoot them to me by leaving a comment below and I will reply promptly!

Talk soon,

To your Health, wealth and High T – Levels!,


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