Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Eat The Right Veggies To Boost Your Testosterone!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Eat The Right Veggies To Boost Your Testosterone!

In this article, vegetables that increase testosterone levels, I continue the mini-series on nutrition haven previously spoken about foods that increase testosterone levels and fruits that increase testosterone.

A solid nutritional base will go a long way to helping you to get the most out of any herbs and supplements that you are taking to increase your testosterone naturally.

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Cabbage

When it comes to vegetables that increase testosterone levels the cabbage patch is not exactly the place you think of reaching for. According to studies at the Rockefeller University cabbage can make your testosterone more effective by significantly reducing your estrogen levels.

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels

The Cabbage patch king, an estrogen killer!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Onions

Studies conducted on rats have proven a 3x increase in testosterone when scientists added onions to their daily diet. That is an amazing increase of 300%! The testosterone increase comes from the compounds quercetin and apigenin

All the more reason to get some heart healthy onions in your diet!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels

Experiments showed that onions tripled the testosterone in rats! When it comes to vegetables that increase testosterone these bad boys are definitely on the menu!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels – Cauliflower

The family of cruciferous vegetables are famous for helping to enhance testosterone. The delicious and rather tasty cauliflower contains many of the vitamins and minerals required to boost testosterone. It is also a potent estrogen blocker, containing indole 3 carbinol, a naturally occurring estrogen blocker.

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels

Cauliflower, one of the tastiest vegetables that increase testosterone levels!


Broccoli, one of the better-known testosterone enhancing vegetables…and an estrogen assassin! High in zinc content and is very well known by many as the sex vegetable! Has excellent vitamin and mineral content as well as the most potent estrogen blocking compound known to mankind – Indole 3 Carbinol!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels

Broccoli, delicious and actually a great vegetable for spiking your T levels!

Brussels sprouts

Not exactly the most delicious nor tastiest of vegetables, your mother was right when she was telling you to eat them! These are great testosterone booster that has that two for one bonus that all cruciferous vegetables come with – estrogen blocking capabilities as well as enhancing testosterone!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels

Brussel sprouts, definitely a vegetable you should be getting more of.


Spinach, in my humble opinion is a superfood in its own right due to the sheer amount and concentration of vitamins and minerals, of which many are they very ones that will help to increase testosterone levels naturally!

There is a little truth behind popeye’s muscles popping when he eats his can of spinach after all!

Vegetables That Increase Testosterone Levels

Popeyes favourite, and for good reason!

Herbs That Increase Testosterone

It is not uniquely vegetables that increase testosterone, herbs can be very potent testosterone boosters also. Two of those well known potent herbs are Tongkat Ali and Pine Pollen Tincture.

While Tongkat Ali works with your body, in a very harmonious way and stimulates it into producing more of the hormone testosterone, pine pollen tincture is a more direct testosterone booster as it actually contains testosterone, DHEA and two more androgens making it a very potent and natural testosterone replacement therapy.  

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Tongkat Ali also have additional benefits of impeding the conversion of testosterone into estrogen and helping you to lose weight (or get better cuts) buy acting as a fat burner thanks to its lipogenic effects.

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If you have any questions regarding vegetables that increase testosterone, leave a comment below and I will reply back as quickly as I can.

Talk soon,

To Your Health, Wealth, And High T Levels.


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