What Is Pine Pollen? – Find Out About The Mega Food Of The 21st Century!

What Is Pine Pollen? – Find Out About The Mega Food Of The 21st Century!

In this article, What Is Pine Pollen?, I answer and explain what pine pollen is and how it can help those with low testosterone and where you can get the best supplement in terms of price and quality.

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What is Pine Pollen?

It is very possible that Pine Pollen is the healthiest herb available on the market today! Personally, I never refer to it as a super food, but as a mega food. Simply down to the 200+ nutrients available in organic form. The only other supplement that comes close is shilajit resin with its 85+ organic minerals.

This supplement, in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has been used for over a thousand years. There are over 120 different species of pine trees, 126 to be exact, very few of which are used for making the pine pollen supplement.

Only the male spore of the trees is used, a huge majority of the spore comes from the Masson pine tree which grows at an altitude of between 500 to 800 meters high in mountainous areas.

Other pine pollen supplements are made from the Scots Pine tree, pinus sylvestris, which is much weaker in the androgenous content. You should check to make sure that the supplement you want to buy for helping raise your testosterone levels is made from the more potent Masson pine tree.

What Is Pine Pollen

The Masson Pine tree has the spores that contain a greater quantity of androgens to increase your testosterone naturally.

Pine Pollen Benefits

When answering this question, what is pine pollen?, It is only normal and natural that I speak of the benefits of this nutrient dense supplement.

The more obvious pine pollen benefits are of course down to the androgen content of actually containing testosterone and 3 other androgens, Androsterone, Androstenedione, and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA for short). These if taken will help to augment your testosterone levels directly.

It is a complete protein source, containing 18 amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids and two borderline essential amino acids. There are 100 different enzymes, 30 minerals as well as 15 vitamins all in their natural organic state. Also, all of the essential fatty acids are present, omega 3,6 and 9!

Now, you can see exactly why I label this as a mega food!

Of the amino acid content, L-Tyrosine and Phenylalanine, which is required for increasing levels of the neurotransmitter and brain chemical dopamine, which in turn reduces stress and helps us to feel relaxed and brings an overall sense of well-being. Reducing stress also helps us to increase our testosterone levels. The stimulatory effect of Phenylalanine also increases our energy and vitality.

This supplement does much more that just helping to increase your testosterone levels naturally, it contains potent antioxidants that repair damage caused by free radicles. One of which is superoxide dismutase, which has the capabilities of reversing the signs of ageing, both internally and externally!

Hormonal support is achieved via the balancing of androgenic and estrogenic hormones via the elimination and flushing out of xenoestrogens.

Pine pollen can also help you to lose weight due to it supporting your metabolism and increasing your energy and vitality.

It does much more that just increase your T levels!


Pine Pollen – the true mega food of the new millennia!

Powder Vs Tincture

Which should you opt for Powder or Tincture? If you are seeking the nutritional benefits of the 200+ nutrients then the Pine Pollen Powder is much better choice for you

If you are seeking a much greater boost of testosterone and the other androgens then the more potent Pine Pollen Tincture will be the better choice for you. 

What Is Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen Tincture is by far more potent in terms of increasing your testosterone levels than the powder.

Where to Buy Pine Pollen

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