Where To Buy Tongkat Ali – A Review Of The Best Tongkat Ali

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali – A Review Of The Best Tongkat Ali

In this article, I will review what I feel is the best quality Tongkat Ali available and show you were to buy Tongkat Ali of the highest quality. I will also explain how this herb works to increase your testosterone and other additional benefits that it has.

Tongkat Ali Review

Product Name: Tongkat Ali Powder By Lost Empire Herbs.

Price: $39.95 for 10 gramme bag. depending on dosage 50 -100 day supply.

Guarantee: The best in the business! 365-day no questions asked full money back guarantee.

My Rating: 9.6/10

Best Place To Buy: LostEmpireHerbs.Com

Dosage: 100mg to be taken once or twice daily as needed. Best taken on a 5 day on 2 days off cycle.

Good for: Increasing testosterone levels naturally and increasing strength and muscle mass. Also good for dieting                           and getting cuts. Also prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen also.

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali? – Lost Empire Herbs has the best quality! there where to buy it.

Product Overview

Tongkat Ali is herb the comes from South East Asia, where it is grown in the tropical rain forests and jungles of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and in Malaysia where it plays an important part of the countries economy. In Malaysia, you can find premium quality chocolates, Gourmet coffee, refreshment drinks, energy drinks, and even potato chips.

Not to mention the ease of availability of capsules  and powder.

In short, it is really not difficult to find Tongkat Ali in Malaysia!

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali

From gourmet coffee to premium quality chocolates and potato chips this herb is not difficult to find in Malaysia.

Tongkat Ali And Testosterone

It has been well established by numerous clinical trials that under a variety of conditions that Tongkat Ali can significantly increase testosterone levels in both men and women.

Side bar: Ladies have testosterone in their bodies just as men do, however significantly less than their male counterparts.

It has also been proven clinically to improve physical performance in the gym in terms of muscle mass gains and strength gains. Interestingly however when taken for dieting due to the lipogenic qualities, Tongkat Ali managed to maintain testosterone levels in users where under ordinary circumstances testosterone levels would drop.

How Does Tongkat Ali Work?

Tongkat Ali works with the body and stimulates the appropriate parts into producing more testosterone. Firstly a particular part of the anterior pituitary gland called the gonadotropic cells is stimulated which then releases gonadotropins.

Secondly, the gonadotropins which are released includes the luteinizing hormone. This hormone then stimulates the Leydig cells which are in the gonads, and that sets off a chain reaction and stimulates the gonads into producing more testosterone.

Tongkat Ali also has the ability to burn fat cells due to its lipogenic properties. By reducing excess body fat we not only experience better cuts and far better looking body but increase testosterone levels also thanks to less stored estrogen, as the female sex hormone estrogen has a whole love affair with fat going one! And less estrogens being available to bind to free testosterone results in higher testosterone levels.

This herb also helps to lower stress levels and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lower cortisol equals higher testosterone. This also where and how meditation and relaxation techniques work in increasing testosterone.

One of the better parts, in relation to Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase your testosterone naturally comes from its ability to maintain those levels due to preventing and blocking the aromatization (conversion) process of testosterone into estrogen.

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali helps to build muscle AND get you cuts.

Pros And The Cons

To give a balanced review I, the reviewer has to tell what I liked and did not like about a particular product.

The Pros

What I liked about Tongkat Ali By Lost Empire Herbs.

  • A 100% natural product
  • Proven to increase testosterone – naturally!
  • Increases muscle mass and improves cuts.
  • Very well priced!
  • Comes with a 365-day money back guarantee!
  • Prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen.
  • Helps with dieting.
  • Burns fat!
  • Increases strength
  • Can be used for headaches, flus, colds.
  • Increases Vitality and Vigor.

The Cons

What I did not like about Tongkat Ali by Lost Empire Herbs.

  • An Acquired taste – very bitter.

The bitter taste can be overcome by taking the herb with water or in a delicious smoothie, or as I do in my morning coffee!


9.6/10 Tongkat Ali by lost Empire Herbs is definitely a winner and can certainly help you towards your gym and personal goals of increasing testosterone levels. You will certainly notice the gains down at the gym when it comes to muscle mass and strength gains and perhaps cuts also.

It is a winner due to the number of indirect ways in which testosterone is increased (lower stress, reduced body fat, and prevention of conversion of testosterone into estrogen) and of course the direct way in which it works with your body to stimulate it to produce more testosterone.

For ladies, there is the benefit of it helping with the menstrual cycle and with symptoms of the menopause. For men, it is known to help with erectile dysfunction and in both sexes, it can increase sex drive and libido.

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali

The best place to buy Tongkat Ali is the family owned California Based Lost Empire Herbs. Their customer service is first class and the brothers Cloud, Christopher and especially Logan really know their stuff when it comes to herbs and strength training.

Not to mention the outstanding 365-day money back guarantee which puts your mind at rest and 15% first-time buyers discount

For more Information About Tongkat Ali By Lost Empire Herbs click the link below.

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If you have any questions about Tongkat Ali or Where to buy Tongkat Ali, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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